The morphology of the Euganean Hills, of volcanic origin and rich in minerals, determines the ideal conditions for the production of great red wines and, at the same time, excellent white wines.
Gentle landscapes, with strong and delicate colours, this is how the Euganean Hills are, this is how their inhabitants, their wines, are.

The Calaon family knows and loves this land and the fruits it bestows, and will welcome you with wonderful wines.

A warm atmosphere offers the natural setting for tasting our wines or purchasing our products. The grapes that give rise to our wines come from organically farmed vineyards, with total respect for nature and man. In addition to the wines Bacco e Arianna also produces other typical products of the Euganean Hills such as oil, vinegar, jams and grappa.

Our wines

DOC and IGT wines from the Euganean Hills, produced organically, expertly accompany all kinds of dishes with their flavours, colours and aromas.