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Themed dinner “The Pork”

On Saturday 3 December, Bacchus and Ariadne awaits you for the annual pig-themed dinner. An event that draws on one of the oldest peasant traditions. For a long time, the pig represented a precious source of fat and protein for peasant families, whose diet was mainly vegetarian and based on polenta. Menu (€ 35,00) STARTERSTastasale…
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St Martin’s Goose

On Saturday 12 November, we look forward to a themed evening dedicated to St Martin’s Goose. 11 November, St Martin’s Day, in the past coincided with the end of farm work for peasants whose work contracts might not be renewed. It was therefore necessary to move, to look for another landowner and new accommodation. St…
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Autumn flavours

On Saturday 15 October, we look forward to a themed evening dedicated to the Flavours of Autumn. Pumpkin, mushrooms, radicchio and other autumnal products will be the stars of this dinner that will feature a series of courses designed to put the colours and flavours of this season that enchants us with its wealth of…
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